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Show me Your Way

Whatever circumstance you are in the Lord wants to show you his ways. Do you trust Him? I’m not saying. “If you trust The Lord as your Lord and savior, but do you trust Him for all situations of your life? Do you trust Him that He has the best plan ahead of you?
This is not an accident, you are reading this … Read the following prayer, if you need some change. If you think you have it all and you don’t need help….don’t bother yourself
This prayer is for those who are seeking His ways and guidance…
‘Father God, thank you for sending your son, to die for my sin and giving me an opportunity to breathe a life this day. I admit all good thing comes from you, and thank you for Jesus, the author, and perfecter of my faith. No weapon formed against me shall prosper, Thank you for giving me a second chance, and help me to live a life of purpose from this day on. I choose to be guided by your Spirit and help me to live a life of purpose for your glory. I put my trust in you, Lord my savior and my strength and vindicator. Thank you for being with me in good times, as well as the challenging moments. Thank you for your grace and wisdom. I’m a head, not a tail. Because of your divine favor and power upon me, I am a decision maker. No demon, no disease, no lack, no attack, no evil, no darkness, no discouragement, and stress operate in my life and the life of those around. I break any generational curse from my life and my family members. I post the blood of Jesus surround me and my loved ones. everyone reading this devotional are blessed and think you Lord for the victory. Any demonic power exposed to this day, every spiritual yoke is broken, the enemy burden lifted, Lord’s dreams restored and established. Whom the son set free, FREE indeed. I’m FREE, from now on, Everything I touch prosperous. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for showing your ways, teaching me your paths.and guide me in your truth. My hope is in you Lord, this day, this week, and the rest of my life. In Jesus name, AMEN!’
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